Mix Messages
Ivan Rivera
June 1-16, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 7-10pm

Mix Messages is a survey of Ivan Rivera’s works from 2012-2018 and includes multi-media work from several series and several points of departure. 

Each painting in the encaustic and mixed-media series Memory Landscapes uses a photograph as a starting point, with consecutive pieces being created from the memory of the prior one. The works become increasingly abstract with each version, mirroring the devolving nature of memory.  

Inspired by the TV show with a similar name, the richly textured, mixed-media paintings in the series Toddlers with Tiaras are lush, ironic commentaries on our complex cultural relationship with pageantry and child performers. 

The painting installation -20 is a meditation on the tragic phenomenon of US school shootings and the relentless news cycle that renders the lives of individual victims into statistics at the service of political or economic agendas.

Mix Messages, the title series of this show, is an homage to the streets of Brooklyn where Rivera lives and works. Vinyl stickers, snippets of signage and graffiti-inspired motifs are combined with classical patterns and historical paintings to create new narrative compositions that imitate the accumulation and layering of graffiti in urban settings and the unexpected yet consistent narratives which seem to evolve organically when they collide.

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Antonello Ghezzi

Performance Saturday, June 23th, 7-9 pm.

Italian duo Antonello Ghezzi, based in Bologna Italy, brings their interactive performance “BLOW AGAINST THE WALLS” to the Wayfarers artist-run space in Brooklyn, New York.

The project is intended to protest physical barriers around the world, built by humans to keep far away from others.

We want to break walls poetically, quietly, and non-violently, with beauty and sweetness. We want to fight arrogance with naiveté. As long as there is enough breath to blow another bubble of soap we will blow away our anger. -AG

Participants at exhibition will blow bubbles against a large canvas where the photography of K. Flo Razowosky will be projected. The work of Razokowsky, an Ashkenazic, anti-Zionist, queer artist based in Los Angeles, who shares Antonello Ghezzi’s interest in social engagement-based art, becomes part of the performance. With her project, Up Against the Wall, Razokowsky spent roughly six months a year between 2002 and 2008 personally photographing the walls that define the Palestinian territories as well as the borders between Ukraine and Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia, Mexico and the United States, and Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla.

On the canvas the separation barriers that divide the world will be overwhelmed and modified by countless colourful soap bubbles, that come from the breath of people. The bubbles will impact the the wall and will go through it, unstoppable in their lightness, their pigments, and their hope.

The performance provokes a feeling of whimsy with its lighthearted and participatory approach to an otherwise serious and urgent subject. This feeling is accentuated by the ethereal quality of the evanescent soap bubbles. The piece itself innately embraces chance, since every time the piece is performed or exhibited it becomes different from all previous versions shown, including those at the Petit Bain in Paris, The Art Foundation in Athens during documenta14, the Spazio Testoni in Bologna and the Galerie Tanit in Beirut.

The collective ANTONELLO GHEZZI will be exhibiting this work in the US for the first time. In Europe and the Middle East they are best known for their interactive installation “Mind the door,” an automatic door that opens simply when someone smiles. The collective works with both scientists and businesses to bring art to daily life through installations that combine technology, reality, and poetry. In addition to the venues noted above, ANTONELLO GHEZZI has recently exhibited at the Sound Design Festival of Hamamatsu (Japan), the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens (Greece), the BIEL Center in Beirut (Lebanon), the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the National Picture Gallery of Bologna (Italy), the Moscow Biennial (Russia), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce in Genova (Italy), the Sarajevo Winter Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Blik Opener (the Netherlands), the Arsenale in Verona (Italy), and the CIFF in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The performance is supported by the manufacturer of soap bubbles DULCOP S.p.A. of Bologna (IT).




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