Wayfarers is currently accepting applications for 10 new Ghost Members for 2017.


Dear art person,

The New Year is the perfect time get dedicated:
• Put more time into your studio practice. 
• Put more effort into your career as an artist.
• Be more disciplined about making art.
• Engage in art-related conversation.
• Become an active part of a community of makers.

Consider becoming a Ghost Member at Wayfarers. Benefits include:

• Participation in several annual shows (get your work into the world)
• Constructive feedback in group critiques (deadlines = motivation)
• Access to the facilities:
o Full woodshop
o Exposure table and screen printing set-up
o Commons area with kitchen
o Drawing Tables
o WIFI throughout building
• Access to 400 sq foot gallery for photo documentation or installations
• Participation in a collective of thoughtful, inventive artists
• Designated storage for materials / small works in progress

Monthly costs are $100. You’re also required to contribute one hour of service (gallery tending, admin, housekeeping, etc.) per month and tend two gallery shifts annually. We ask for a one year commitment.

To be considered for Ghost Membership, email a link to your website, or images of your work to: wayfarersstudioprogram@gmail.com.