Hey friends. Three interesting things happening in the next week at Wayfarers:

1. 25th anniversary of SCAM Mag this Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 7pm.
2. Self–defense class Saturday, Dec. 3rd at noon. (a few spaces left.)
3. Activism work group Monday Dec. 5th at 7.

All free. All for you. Details below. Let us know if you're coming or need more info? wayfarersbk@gmail.com       Xo

1.    SCAM:   https://www.facebook.com/events/2155431881347933/

2. Feeling a little more vulnerable than you used to? Us, too. This is a one day class open to all to help you quickly get yourself away from trouble and to safety. Taught by the beloved and masterful Stelle Smith

3. Want to be doing something more useful than clicktivism to help defend against the shitstorm coming our way in January? We're going to meet for a couple hours once a month with a shortlist of to-do items on a list of topics. Whether it's making calls, stuffing envelopes, writing letters or starting campaigns, we'll get together with a pragmatic hit list, order some pizza and roll up our sleeves the first Monday of every month.



2016 Wayfarers Annual Member Show:
a collaboration with poet and curator A.W. Strouse

Opening / Holiday party:  December 16th 7 - 10 pm

We’ve invited A.W. Strouse to  use our work as a point of provocation for his writing - whatever form that takes. His text will be featured on the walls of the gallery, along with some of the works that informed it, as a kind of spatial chapbook.

Collaborating artists: David Shaughnessy, Hiroki Otsuka, Evelyn Donnelly, David (Scout) McQueen, Christy Gast, Pate, Janel Schultz, Mike Taylor, Maggie Hazen, Sam Ritter, Maureen O’Leary, Charlotte Evans