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"long lost"

“new” sculpture by David McQueen

September 30-October 21, 2016
Opening Reception: September 30, 6-8pm


It starts with a slip.
My attention drifts and…shhht.
It’s gone.

It lingers on my periphery, flutters, and leaves.
Then it dances back, days later, to remind me,
not of what I’d forgotten but that I’d forgotten.

I begin to hate it, swatting and grasping until in my clenched fist,

I have it...

I check only to see it fly away,
mocking me for my delicate hands and lack of confidence.

I don’t need this idea.
I have hundreds more…
Dozens at least…
One of them will surely be along…
Any minute now…


long lost” is a collection of re-imagined sculpture. Each piece is a memory of an idea of what I hoped it might become. They are brave, fragile failures refusing to concede. They are convinced that they can reveal what I had forgotten and find themselves in the process.



"Lucid Vacancy" by Allison Putnam

The work in Lucid Vacancy is snapshot into a story between two characters, Robert and Laura.  The photographic process offers a connection to real material life, but the editing process can manipulate and formulate beyond the moment of capture.  Many of the images were not shot in the same sitting and are not connected in time or place. However, the juxtaposition and placement of these prints suggests an untold drama, a tension between Robert and Laura.  Something happened here. 

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