The Gallery at Wayfarers is open 1-5 on Sundays during exhibitions, by appointment, or by chance.

Current Exhibition

June 3 - June 26
Opening Reception: Friday June 3, 7-10pm


Trousseau: The Handed Down by Rachel Hays

A traditional “Trousseau” is a collection of linens, clothing and wares that a bride would carry with her into marriage. The word “Trousseau,” comes from the latin word "torsus" -"to twist", where we also derive distortion, contortion and torture.
As Rachel Hays drew sketches of what would become this show, she was also immersed in planning her wedding.
The resulting show is a combination of black shadows dripping from scrolls, a super-sized cross stitch through pegboard, sculptural knots, and single embroidered words that read as both commands and confessions. Rachel has hung a “collaboration”: a paragraph of felt text painstakingly cut and pinned onto her great-grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt. 


Select Works by R. Guzman

Since my drawings tend to become meditations on abstract topics in worlds backgrounded by weird shapes, patterns, dots or tiny lines, and populated by strange characters, I like to think of them as little time capsules of that specific time and place in my life. I believe symbolic representation of a thing or a feeling, abstract or not, is the most universal way to speak to the viewer. 

They may or may not pick up on the true intention or motivation for the piece (if it happens to exist), but they will surely find something, perhaps in themselves. In essence, the aim is to encourage free and uninhibited thought in the viewer -- to encourage meditation in the absorption of the piece as there was in the creation of the piece, and to hopefully guide them into a seldom explored corner of their mind. -R. Guzman


During the summer months Wayfarers' gallery will be occupied by our 2016 artist-in-residence, Jee Young Sim. Check back for details on Jee's show and other summer events.

Past Exhibitions