"Art World" 
Apostrophe NYC's Base 12 Artists at Wayfarers
Curated by Apostrophe NYC and Brittany Natale

"Art World" is an interactive group show investigating the entitlement of citizenship and its parallels to art world elitism. Before entering the show, viewers will have the choice of buying an "Art World Passport," granting them immediate entrance, among other perks, or waiting in line outside the gallery and receiving a free "temporary visa," allowing them one-time access to view the exhibition. This exhibit will consist of new work by Apostrophe NYC's Base 12 artists and will revolve loosely around the theme of exclusivity. Whether a passport or visa holder, the art will be the same but the experience around the art will be drastically different depending on status.

Founded in 2012 by brothers Sei and Ki Smith, Apostrophe NYC began as a renegade art gallery and underground music venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. After a year of housing and stimulating New York City’s emerging artists, musicians, and culture rats, Apostrophe NYC was forcibly shuttered by New York’s Finest. Without an address, Apostrophe NYC continues to hold pop-up events and art shows that push the boundaries of expected experiences.

Currently, Apostrophe NYC’s main focus is their new project: Base 12, a 2-year global art venture featuring 12 emerging artists in 12 radically different environments. The goal is to provide exposure for these 12 artists while simultaneously exploring the notions of site, art context, and reception. Apostrophe NYC is currently in residence at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey.