You Grew Into Me

An Installation and Performance by Jillian Rose
In collaboration with Storm Garner (violin), Jessie Nelson (percussion) and V Van Alexander (percussion)

Opening Reception: This Friday, February 22, 7-10 pm. 
On view February 22 – March 17, 2013

west bound train approaching
when all i want is an east bound train
waiting in this stale metal buzz
all i can do is sit here and watch the day grow old
and your memory
molding over
west bound train approaching-please stand back-this train may not stop

You Grew Into Me attempts to express the relationship we have with our memories - how they shape us and, in turn, what it takes to transform them. The show will feature works on stretched paper, which form a life-sized tree made up of dense and intricate line work. The tree is wired with microphones and will be performed percussively (accompanied by voice and violin) at the opening and closing receptions. The walls are lined with found bottles filled with preserved notes, old letters received or never sent, poems and mementos - memories suspended in amber liquid time capsules. One reads:

Perpetual longing is infinity...never to meet the amalgamation of two souls intermingling once more leaves one only with memories. Leaving me here to my own devices...what story will I weave with these loose threads? Surely one that is passionate and proud. Between my father and I it would be no other way. With this death I remember to live. And hope that you are doing just the same.

Regarding her use of the tree imagery in this piece, Jillian observes: A tree grows up, a tree grows out, around a fence, toward the sun. Cuts and nicks in its trunk show scars like skin. Like living tales. What we choose to remember, how we remember and what we hold on to speak louder than words...